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Seas Geosciences

Supporting ocean health with marine engineering, geosciences & construction.

Geotech & Marine Construction
from Land to Sea

The implementation of expansive offshore wind initiatives on a global scale represents the most significant shift in energy production in generations.

Seas Geosciences was created to support this clean-energy expansion – and more – by integrating decades of specialized expertise in geotechnical solutions and marine construction.

Understanding the nature and mechanics of soil is one of the most critical elements of offshore development. Geotechnical and geophysical site characterization for foundations, mooring and cable routes are the first and most important priority for every project.

An increasing number of projects will be approved in more remote and difficult locations, using both floating and fixed technology. Our innovations and experience are geared towards addressing unique challenges such as environmental restrictions, marine life preservation, challenging bathymetries and soils, and deeper waters.

Site Characterization Services

Site Characterization Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to geotechnical and environmental site investigation projects. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and modeling tools - along with expertise in geological sciences, engineering and environmental science - to deliver accurate and reliable engineering results and actionable insights.



Offshore | Our focus is on the engineering, development and utilization of custom-designed, remotely operated equipment to optimize productivity while increasing the safety of our personnel and respect for the surrounding environment.

Onshore | Learn more about our North American capabilities through our subsidiary Gregg Drilling and our European capabilities through Causeway Geotech



We specialize in providing comprehensive geological and geophysical solutions for both onshore and offshore projects. With a rich history and expertise in the field, our company offers a wide range of testing services to clients across various industries.

Our onshore geophysical testing services use a variety of methods to assess subsurface conditions. We employ cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment to conduct seismic surveys, electromagnetic surveys, ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity surveys, and more. These services help our clients gain valuable insights into geological structures, identify potential hazards and optimize resource exploration.

For offshore projects, our company excels in providing geophysical testing services specifically tailored for the marine environment. We utilize state-of-the-art marine geophysical surveying techniques, such as multibeam and sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometry, and bathymetry, to map and characterize the seafloor and sub-seafloor conditions. Our offshore services assist clients in locating valuable resources, planning and engineering offshore structures, and assessing potential risks and environmental impacts.

We continuously invest in research and development, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of geophysics.

Marine Construction

CS Marine 1

For more than 40 years, our teams have been involved with the construction and repair of piers, wharfs, docks, dolphins, walkways, gangways, intakes, and outfalls for various clients including refineries, terminal operators, state and local agencies, and the US Coast Guard.

  • Nearshore and Port Development
  • Dredging
  • Pile Installation

Learn more at CS Marine

Program Highlight

Ocean Wind1

Ocean Wind 1

In summer 2022, team members from Seas Geosciences, including Gregg Drilling, conducted a successful geotechnical survey that supported design of the landfall methods of the cables that will carry power from offshore wind turbines to the shoreline. Our work involved two primary services: cone penetration testing, which profiles the soil up to 20 feet below the seabed, and companion drilling and sampling, which removes soil cores for analysis in a lab.

Seas Geosciences used an innovative approach to working in ultra-shallow water for this project. Teams deployed an amphibious carrier - equipped with drilling and cone penetration testing gear - to go from land to water up to 15 feet deep. This vessel can smoothly transition from the surface to floating, which makes for efficient ground investigation in a beach situation like this one. Novel solutions like this enabled us to execute our part of the project within three weeks, safely and on time.

Fiercely focused on quality & safety

Safety first

Quality and health – for humans and the environment – depend on safe practices. And safety springs from caring deeply about the work and each other while following processes properly, says Woocheen Environmental Health & Safety Manager Patrick Connor. That approach defines how we operate.

Seas Geosciences, along with all of Woocheen’s businesses, designs programs that are sure to comply with all ISO standards. That means before our work begins, we assess all hazards and craft plans to eliminate or mitigates risks. It means our hazard-identification process includes our customers and all our partners, in addition to our own team. It means we transcend mere compliance, always thinking about how we can avoid harming the environment while completing our projects. It means we share best practices and lessons learned across our businesses. And it means we are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Exceptional teamwork keeps people and planet safe.

Patrick Connor

It is Woocheen’s great fortune to benefit from Patrick Connor’s leadership. A self-described environmentalist, his unique background includes operating and captaining ships in both the seafood and offshore drilling sectors, and he has worked to protect people and planet in a wide variety of conditions, including in ultra-deep water. Woocheen’s focus on collaboration and interdependence captured his interest.

“Complicated operations take everyone’s effort as a team to make things work properly,” he says. “Particularly in safety, it’s important to develop a culture where everyone has a voice. You find the best ideas and the most astute solutions to problems from people you would not expect.”

People Powering the Planet

John Cowley

John Cowley


John has spent the past 10 years working on- and off-shore, developing fully automated seafloor drills and custom in-situ tooling. John is working to automate Seas' current systems and craft the next generation of seafloor units.

Matt Jenkinson

Matt Jenkinson


Matt has worked in the offshore geotechnical-survey industry since 2005, managing various single- and multi-vessel projects for offshore wind farm investigations. He is committed to developing a firm operational foundation while maintaining Woocheen's commitment to ocean health.

William Paisley

Will Paisley


Will is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the mechanical and hydraulic systems on our offshore equipment. He has worked offshore for 10 years, working as a driller and constructing, maintaining and operating various subsea assets.

Tony Milazzo

Tony Milazzo


Tony is the main liaison between engineering and operations and is in charge of our subsea equipment. With 10 years experience as a mechanical engineer working with autonomous underwater vehicles, he has extensive working knowledge of initial concept design to lean engineering for process streaming.

Danny Gordon

Daniel Gordon


In addition to ensuring our seafloor drill is efficiently operating, Daniel works closely with the crew offshore to ensure safe and timely operations.

Paolo headshot 2

Paolo Casciotti


Paolo has supported offshore energy projects throughout his career, from site characterization to engineering and construction management.

Phil 1

Phil Crawford


With more than 10 years of experience managing complex projects in the offshore geotechnical industry, Phil handles technical and commercial proposals and tender and project management for Seas.